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Office Buildings

Pest infestations in office settings should at all costs be avoided. Other than being stressful and frustrating, pest situations can considerably harm your business reputation and therefore revenues and profits. The irony of it all is pests seem to appear at the most inopportune of times, like when you are in an important business meeting with important stakeholders. Consider the impact on organisational health and quality standards when roaches crawl across the conference table. H&H Associates can be-be your partner in protecting your reputation and image. Leave all the stress to us and focus your efforts on increasing your business profitability and growth.


Being a food and leisure environment, hotels must stay pest free so that the comfort and satisfaction of your guests are utilized. However, due to many people coming from different places, they bring with them pests in their baggage and vehicles to the hotel setup. This high turnover of lodging establishments leads to a common occurrence of spiders, ants, rats and bed bugs. The hotel environment, therefore, requires contractual pest treatments. One single pest sighting from a customer can damage your business’s reputation. Our staff is friendly and professional and is able to fully analyse pest conditions in hotels and also advice on methods to keep hotels pest free. So schedule a site inspection today.

Schools & Colleges

H&H Associates are committed to working with commercial establishments like universities, colleges, primary and secondary and pre-schools, daycares and nurseries so that make your environments pest free. Pre-schools and day care centres are difficult environments to conduct pest control efforts, the reason being they inhabit young children who are sensitive to pest control techniques. We have many years experience helping schools and pre-schools with all their pest control requirements. We are excellently familiar with the Environmental Management Agency's (EMA) protocols and guidelines on how pest control should be done in specific areas and you can rely on us to keep your school's pest free.


It does not matter if you provide storage and warehousing for food products, consumer goods or any other storage, pest invasions occur in these commercial establishments because rodents and other insects can be can be brought with goods. We at H&H Associates have the experience and expertise to eliminate and help you prevent pest problems and keep your facilities pest free. We inspect your property first and give you necessary recommendations for expulsion and prevention and then develop a custom plan for regular service to keep pests out.

Health and Fitness Centers

Among all places, a healthy, clean and sanitary commercial institution such as public and private hospitals, a small private practice establishment, a health fitness centre is important. Complete elimination and control of pest threats in these environments is a necessity. For a hospital ward, for example, a single insect can present a health threat and can put patient relationships at risk. At H&H Associates, we have a Healthcare Pest Control Program which is focussed on the pest control needs of the health industry. We establish and adhere to strict Integrated Pest Management standards, practices and techniques that take into cognisance the sensitivity status of healthcare infrastructure. We inspect your property first and give you necessary recommendations for expulsion and prevention and then develop a custom plan for regular service to keep pests out.

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