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Mosquitoes spread diseases which ranges from uncomfortable to life threatening, the number of diseases linked to mosquitos also seems to be growing, with Zika virus added to the list. The list of diseases associated with mosquitos are Dengue, Malaria, Japanese encephalitis, Chikungunya and Lymphatic filariasis. Mosquito eradication is one of our popular services among our customers, as we have a specialized approach when it comes to mosquitos. We begin with a thorough inspection for stagnant water which can act as a breeding grounds for mosquitos. Once the breeding grounds are neutralized, we use mild pesticides inside the house to further avoid infestation.


Cockroaches are a sign of poor unsanitary practices, they can pose a serious threat to the animals and people alike. We approach the cockroach infestation by neutralizing their breeding grounds, as they breed through the year this is the best approach to prevent cockroach infestation. Our pest control approach when it cockroach is that first, we inspect the location to find the root cause, thus making this process a quick one.


A pest which has the potential cause irreparable damage to your property, termites are also a problem due to their non-seasonal breeding cycles. They can double their number in a short amount of time. Our approach to termites to identify their breeding grounds first, after neutralizing them we move on to the existing ones.


Ants, while do not pose any health risks, they can be an irritating pest as they can spread around the house in a short amount of time. They can in fact damage property by making the walls leaky and susceptible to cracks. Our approach to ants is a combination of chocking the entry points in your homes to ants and use of mild pesticides to neutralize breeding grounds. Our ant control service is very popular with our customers.

Fall Invaders

Fall invaders, such as beetles and stink bugs, can crawl indoors during the fall to seek harborage from cooling temperatures and can stain surfaces and produce foul odors. An effective residential pest management plan for controlling fall invaders involves inspection and exclusion efforts, as well as using a residual spray to control insects all season.

Lawn Pests

Lawn pests may affect anything inside your house, but they have the ability to lay groundwork for pest which can invade your home. Most of the times they are single handily responsible for ant infestation in your home. They also have the ability to destroy your garden and your turf.


Rats are one of the most dangerous pests a farm can have, they can damage farm structure, damage crops at a field and at storage, spread diseases which can affect both livestock and humans alike. We are a well-known rodent control agency in Kerala. Their mere presence is itself a warning, eradicating rats from any property is tricky due to many reasons. The multiply at a very rapid rate, they breed all around the year, so the breeding grounds need to be neutralized. Their droppings too are as dangerous as themselves, our approach is a combination of sanitation, mild pesticides, monitoring and then powerful pesticides.


Fatal in most cases, without professional help scorpions are incredibly difficult to control. Their nocturnal nature makes them even harder to detect in the first place, they pose a life endangering threat to your family. Our experience with pest control has given us hands on experience when dealing with scorpions.

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