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Flies are a constant danger to a farm, either be carrying diseases which affect your livestock, farm animals and people. Directly pesticides cannot be used as excessive use of them increases their biological and physiological resistance in them, making them even more dangerous. We uses different methods alternatively to stop this. We approach with a combination of sanitation and mild pesticides when responding to flies. Choose our pest control services to make your farm a fly free food bowl.


Cockroaches are a sign of poor unsanitary practices, they can pose a serious threat to the animals and human alike. We approach the cockroach infestation by neutralizing their breeding grounds, as they breed through the year this is the best approach to prevent cockroach infestation. Our pest control approach when it cockroach is that first, we inspect the location to find the root cause, thus making this process a quick one.


A pest which targets the farm’s infrastructure, but they pose a bigger threat to livestock as they diseases which are traditionally difficult to identify and treat. This solution to neutralize this pest follows the same procedure as the cockroach. These pests can avoided by destroying their breeding nests. Sanitation is tried before pesticides when it comes to removing beetles from your farm.


Rats are one of the most dangerous pest a farm can have, they can damage farm structure, damage crops at field and at storage, spread diseases which can affect both livestock and humans alike. We are a well-known rodent control agency in Kerala. Their mere presence is itself a warning, eradicating rats from any property is tricky due to many reasons. The multiply at a very rapid rate, they breed all around the year, so the breeding grounds needs to neutralized. Their droppings too are as dangerous as themselves, our approach is a combination of sanitation, mild pesticides, monitoring and then powerful pesticides.

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